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Yuma takes on Fatal Attraction in 2018

Thursday, August 10, 2017
Menage a Trois from Yuma's 2018 presentation Fatal Attraction.

Mas band Yuma says 2018 is the year for a metamorphosis and after seven successful years in Carnival, they are making changes to help fuel more success, not just for the band but for all its endeavours outside of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.

In a release, Yuma said it is on a drive to encourage youth to be more involved in the culture of T&T by making it easier for them. For Carnival 2018, the band is introducing Y-Varsity, a female design aimed at masqueraders between the ages of 18 to 21. Yuma says, this costume will be available at an exceptionally low cost, while providing all the amenities of the all-inclusive experience. It will be entirely possible for a young person to afford this facility to have the time of their lives with them on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

A release from the band said, “We’ve seen the struggles of masqueraders to pay versus play. This season we want to make sure that they can do both. Standard backline, now renamed baseline costumes, will be available to all masqueraders, and as per the norm, we’ve paid attention to details. To take it up a notch, we introduce the mid-line or semi-loaded option, a level between backline and our renamed ‘hardline’ option for the masqueraders who want sexy without the full load of feathers on the road!

“For our Yuma men, no more will there be a dozen or more sections to choose from, but as per the usual economics of the band, there will be six sections throughout.”

The band also introduces several new sponsors who they believe will help to create an even better road experience for the masqueraders. These sponsors are Hennessey and Ciroc with Presedente making a return to the band.

Yuma is also involved with Carnivals around the world, including Jamaica with Xodus, Mascots International in Miami and Just4Fun in St Lucia.

The band launch for Fatal Attraction, which takes place tomorrow night at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, is being touted as an “out of the box” show and Yuma is urging patrons “to lose themselves in the colour, flair and excitement of Fatal Attraction for Carnival 2018”.