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Digicel donates to special needs fitness

Thursday, August 10, 2017
Nirala Alfonso of Limitless Fitness Gym proudly receives the grant of TT$30,000 under the EPIC initiative from Cindyann Currency, operations manager of the Digicel Foundation, right. The funds will go towards the purchase of specialised equipment to accommodate people with disabilities.

This year, in the spirit of inclusion, the first grant under the Digicel Foundation Extraordinary Projects Impacting Communities (EPIC) initiative, was made to Alfonso Sport and Fitness Events Ltd.

The US $5,000 grant will go toward purchase of specialised equipment, installation of a ramp and support bars at the Limitless Fitness Gym in Long Circular, St James. The initiative is meant to accommodate people with disabilities and special needs, giving them free and easy access to the gym’s facilities.

Each year, Gerard and Nirala Alfonso of Limitless Fitness Gym partner with The Special Olympics T&T (SOTT) to host power lifting activities as one of the disciplines in the SOTT national games. The Alfonsos applied to the Digicel Foundation with the aim of deepening their involvement in the special needs community, making their gym more easily accessible to people from the community.

On receiving the grant, Nirala Alfonso said: “We want to set an example for others to follow by creating an environment that speaks to inclusion.”

Gerard Alfonso said: “It is our hope to make our gym the premier choice for the special needs community.”

The Digicel Foundation EPIC initiative was established in March 2016 to provide funding to community and faith-based organisations, as well as other non-governmental organisations to implement small scale projects throughout T&T. Grants have focused on areas of education, health and sport. This year, Digicel Foundation plans to implement 20 EPIC projects.