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Uber can provide an alternative

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I have said from the start that Uber can be used for the betterment of the economy.

After reading the story of the granny that was robbed in a PH taxi, I say it again.

The government can work with Uber in order to decrease these incidents.

Instead, they are like an old stubborn person rejecting technology: I don’t understand so I won’t use it. Or in government’s case, won’t even meet with them.

“Travel with ‘H’ taxis,” the Assistant Commissioner of Police admonishes.

Growing up, where I used to live there were no ‘H’ drivers. I would depend on my family members or my neighbour, but when I attended university and they were in work, was there really much of a choice?

There are many places, hours or situations where there is dearth of ‘H’ taxis. This should be as obvious as day is from night, except for the Government and Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Why not work with Uber, institute more stringent criteria above those already needed by Uber drivers such as the need to have their fingerprints registered etc, and this will increase employment opportunities, and support our so-called aspirations of being a tourism country (foreigners are usually expecting Uber drivers especially since they do not know where to locate taxis).

Please, please, think about accepting this technology and stop allowing these senseless crimes to continue while blaming the victims.

Sometimes they just don’t have much of a choice.


K Moss